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CKI Maribor

Centre for Creative Industries Maribor

The vision of the Centre for Creative Industries Maribor (hereinafter CfCI Maribor) is to become one of the leading creative hubs in East Slovenia to serve the needs of cultural and creative industries and the economy, following the example of similar European models.
The mission of CfCI Maribor is to create products and solutions with high added value, strengthen the competitiveness of Slovenian industry, and promote creativity, innovation and sustainable development.

The purpose of CfCI Maribor:
• to connect cultural and creative industries (CCIs) with companies from other economic sectors,
• to improve the existing and future networking processes and source solutions between the CCIs and other stakeholders (in particular companies, research, development and other organisations),
• to create conditions for cooperation between CCIs and the business sector through development projects, training, events, networking with different organisations,
• to harness the collaboration between CCIs and companies to create and market innovative products and services with significant added value and market potential,
• to provide support to R&D departments,
• to offer consultancy services and support environment for creatives and startups who need help with the business and marketing side, research skills, legal expertise and similar,
• to boost market potential of products created in collaboration with creative industries (through fairs, presentations and similar).