It has been our experience that in culture public funding systems do not provide sufficient stability required for successful sustainable development of cultural institutions or individuals. As the most recent of nationally present cultural organisations we find that the cultural policy paradigm as set out in Slovenia in the 1980s and 1990s still works best for organisations and players that emerged at the time and also helped shape this paradigm. Culture cannot rely exclusively on public sources of financing. Looking at successful cultural models in certain western countries it becomes obvious that in order to position culture as one of the pillars of the country’s development we need a cultural model that generates capital while working in the public interest. Due to the specifics of Slovenian social and political situation, all standard approaches to monetizing culture in recent years have failed. The alternative comes with the development of modern technologies and new modes of production, distribution and consumption of cultural content. Through blockchain technology we want to create for Fotopub a micro-economy based on active participation of individuals, artists, guests, producers, investors or buyers, direct micro-financing and absolute decentralisation of the cultural institution in its entirety, all of which contributes to increasing its capital value.