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Jasna Klemenc Puntar



Jasna has more than 20 years’ experience with go-to-market activities and has already launched more than 20 products. She is very fond of the creative and cultural industries – one of her projects at Delo newspaper focused on Miki Muster’s comics, for example, and at ReceiptBank she worked on the go-to-market strategy and growth of mobile apps for freelancers. She enjoys running design sprints and mentoring on how to select and make optimal marketing and sales tools in the shortest time. Currently she is working on a new product with her partners – hands-on e-training at Udemy on what it takes to successfully launch (technological) products through channel marketing. She also runs group workshops Your Professional Brand and LinkedIn, where she advises on building a personal brand and online credibility, how to explore the market and create sales opportunities as a freelancer or founder. She is one of the hosts of the LinkedIn Local initiative Domžale Kamnik, which connects a local community of creatives and professionals.