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Lenka Puh

Jazon d.o.o.


Lenka Puh is a socially responsible entrepreneur and innovator whose main priority is humanisation of work, and work as a human need and right. In 1989 she founded Jazon d.o.o., a company providing organisations with products and services, since 2005 also a disability company. With a mission to optimise work processes and reduce costs, Lenka, a consultant certified by the German Quality Office standard in the field of ergonomics, offers consulting also on workplace health with an emphasis on inclusive employment. She is the author of standards on the flow of patient records and project manager in the field of the labour market and employment of vulnerable groups, always mindful of sustainable development. Throughout her career, she has been designing innovative projects that integrate reuse and create jobs for people with disabilities. Jazon is the promotor of circular economy in Slovenia and a pioneer in the new definition of human relations, aspiring to create green jobs. In 2014, Lenka Puh became honorary member of the Association of Slovenian Innovators.