Matej Feguš

DONAR d.o.o.


Director of Donar d.o.o with experience in development of innovative business models that create value for employees, environment and society. A recipient of numerous awards, including CEED - Global Entrepreneur of the Year 2014; Red Dot Winner 2016; Green Product Award Winner 2018; Design of the Year 2017 (Donar, Nico Less chair by Primož Jeza) and others. He is also the co-founder and co-owner of several companies involved in planning, communication and sales, and mentor in numerous programmes/companies (CEED, Reinovator, Goodbiz, TiPovej, Design Biotop and other). He was a member of the BIO 25 assessment team (Occupying woods) and co-organiser of the 1st conference on Sustainable Design for Transition to Circular Economy.