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Miha Vedenik

Lean Rešitve


Miha Vedenik is the co-founder of Lean Rešitve, head of finance and human resources, lecturer, shop floor (Gemba) consultant, mentor to future Lean managers and a lean process enthusiast. He embarked on his career at Odelo Slovenia, where he gained his first experience in lean production and work in an international conglomerate. As a project manager he successfully introduced methods that won recognition from international auditors. He achieved returns that exceeded investments by 400% and more, which allowed the company to optimize investments. He went on to work as production manager at Iskratel, where he focused on reorganisation, modernisation and cost optimisation. As the co-founder of Lean Rešitve since 2013 he built his own success story in parallel with his regular job. In 2017 he focused on Lean Rešitve entirely. Since then, he and his team of exceptional lean production and organisation experts have been helping clients to achieve excellent results.