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Mihael Leskovar

Mihael Leskovar graduated in political science and has more than 15 years' experience in institutions promoting regional development and offering a support environment for entrepreneurs. In his current position at the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region he focuses on promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation in society, and on supporting sustainable development within the programmes and projects in the fields of economy, internationalisation, tourism, cultural industries and human resources. He has been actively involved in more than 20 development projects and initiatives. His main competences include challenges for young entrepreneurs, business idea development, project management, research and development processes and good relations with the interested public, and are backed by his extensive experience in EU-funded projects in these fields. Mihael has accumulated his experience through working with companies in private and public sectors. He worked as a project manager in marketing Agency Kainoto d.o.o. and served as director of the business incubator Styrian Technology Park for five years, where he was in charge of monitoring the operation of incubated companies on a daily level.