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Ravnikar Gallery Space


RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE [R – s p a c e] was conceived as a place to showcase both emerging and already established artists from the region while forging a bond between the contemporary visual art and the wider community. R – s p a c e is a hub of contemporary art and a gallery that actively and ingeniously promotes and sells the latest art formats. Selling the works on show allows the gallery to continuously breathe fresh air into the Slovenian curatorial scene and offers an opportunity for artists to reach new audiences who, by buying the works of art, transcend the established frameworks of how authors are traditionally established and recognised, and at the same time directly (financially) support the artists.

The gallery’s principal mission is therefore to find opportunities to shape a sustainable solution for establishing a dialogue between the business sector and the contents and challenges offered by the cultural and creative industries. Slovenian artists need comprehensive support, an active platform that will allow them to work and create without disruptions. The essence of our efforts thus remains on designing and developing spaces that put art and artists first: formal and informal training that raises awareness and activates the key shapers of strategic development policies; networking and mapping of communities of all practitioners in contemporary visual art and creative industries; domestic and international collaboration with similar institutions; local, national and international ; free mentorship for artists going professional, their training in promotion and marketing of artistic production; active support to young curators.