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Sanja Zelko

GF inspiro

Sanja Zelko’s references are first and foremost entrepreneurial (product or service development, logo and corporate identity design, product launch in the Slovenian market, advertising and media relations). Having founded her own company Sanja launched two innovative products in advertising and tourism (with the support of the EU). She co-founded a youth cooperative and mentored a team in launching an innovative youth tourism product. With five consecutive years as event manager of Bujta repa and Prekmurska gibanica, two of the most crowd-drawing cultural events in Prekmurje, Sanja has extensive references in organising cultural events and has also served as head of protocol and PR of one of the most popular student entertainment events in Slovenia, Škisova tržnica. As technical adviser at ŠKIS Association (Association of student clubs of Slovenia) she mentored student clubs in market communication and public relations. Between 2014 and 2020 she served as expert adviser and mentor in market communication in the DOSOR company. She is head of marketing of tourist resort Pannonian Village (Panonska vas), where she runs and mentors tourism advertising programmes. 

Sanja has a master’s degree in strategic market communication from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana and is the co-founder and director of GF inspiro, družba za celostno komuniciranje d.o.o. - so.p., which offers comprehensive communication services; she is the project manager and mastermind behind Goldfish, an app for making wishes come true, and the innovative tourist product Panobiketrip – an app for tourist cyclists in the Pannonian Plain.