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Slovenian Music Information Centre

Slovenian Music Information Centre has the status of association of public interest in culture. Our priority goals and mission are to create databases of music of all genres and periods, musicians, institutions and NGOs working in music in any capacity, Slovenian folk music and musical heritage, promotion of Slovenian music and musicians at home and abroad, publishing music, books and other music-related publications, organisation of expert consultations, meetings and symposiums on music-related topics, open door policy for all interested public (offering information on our website, on the premises and through our associates), programmatic and business cooperation with all movers and shakers in the Slovenian music scene.
We want to set up a music office for coordinated and strategic breakthrough of Slovenian music to new music markets, facilitate professionalization of the music business (management, booking, PR and similar), integrate new knowledge and skills (digital marketing, digital music distribution) and network with relevant and prominent foreign organisations.

Our goal is also to train young music professionals and develop a multidisciplinary team of the best of them to form the core of the future music office Music Slovenia.