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Tine Lugarič



Creative director with more than 14 years’ professional experience and a degree in communication and media studies. He is in charge of marketing communication campaigns for some of the largest Slovenian and regional clients, and the recipient of more than 100 national and international awards from advertising festivals. He says that being a creative means always being on the lookout for new ideas, and since he has made his hobby his work, he calls himself a workahobbic. A skater and co-owner of the brand Embisi Skateboarding he is also a member of the Maribor rap collective Tekochee Kru who finds creative inspiration in urban cultures, while his martial arts background of 20 years provides for order and discipline. Tine frequently shares his knowledge at different faculties, advertising festivals, workshops and events such as TEDx, Creative Mornings, Pecha Kucha and similar.