Cooperative Vivid City

VIVID CITY (Zadruga Živo mesto, z.o.o.)  is a tourist cooperative that serves as a connector of diverse contents and elements that make up the city of Maribor. We operate on the principles of nanotourism – a locally driven, sensible, experience-rich alternative to tourism. True to its “Small, Light and Green” philosophy nanotourism is a people and culture friendly way of presenting the city to visitors and local residents, allowing them to create experiences together.
The Vivid City cooperative is a very young enterprise founded by three well-established organisations with extensive experience and references in social, cultural and environmental projects.
The founders pursue diverse activities (production of cultural programmes (Hiša!, PERON), trade (Aktiviraj se, PERON), catering (PERON), creative industry services, e.g. graphic design (Hiša!), interior design, copywriting, public relations (PERON), product development (Aktiviraj se, Hiša!, PERON), tourism (Hiša!Rajzefiber Biro, PERON – café, shop, catering and cultural programme, Aktiviraj se – shop).
Most of the cooperative’s collaborators are social innovators demonstrating, time and again, their forward thinking, prolific imagination and an almost supernatural ability to sow the seeds of development in the city’s social and cultural spheres, skilfully multiplying the fruits of their labour.