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#1 Exactly how it was envisioned at the beginning

13 Jul 2021

| 17:00


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The Projektor development platform is a continuous educational and networking program intended for the professionalisation of East Slovenian audiovisual creatives and audiovisual producers. Community-based evenings in the decentralised Maribor area consist of modules conducted by AV professionals from various fields. With new perspectives and competences, the environment offers an excellent opportunity for networking and AV “matchmaking”.


B movie is a low-budget film niche for which there is tremendous audience interest. Despite the strenuous conditions in which such films are made, many of them show a high degree of cinematic craftsmanship and aesthetic ingenuity. The B movie is specific in genre, subjects and atmospheres and stirs the spirits from the golden age of Hollywood.


We maybe don’t have Planet B or Plan B, but we have B-movies!


Moderiator: Toni Cahunek




Schupakface trilogy // Gašper Antauer, director

screening + talk// 75 min




Filmi o Schupakfaceu predstavljajo redek, a vendar odličen primer slovenskega B-filma. Nastali so skoraj improvizorično in za drobiž med leti 2010-2014, večinoma tekom Grossmannovega festivala v Ljutomeru.


Grossman, Festival of fantastic film and wine  // Tomaž Horvat

presentation/ 30 min




B-films: radical content through form // Stojan Pelko

lecture // 90 min


Partner Network Programme