Round table

#8 Free Cinema

20 Dec 2021

| 18:00


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Film Factory, in co-production with the Centre for Creativity at the Museum for Architecture and Design and in collaboration with Pekarna Magdalenske mreže and Guest Room Maribor


18:00 Free Cinema and Dominant Systems: The Legitimacy of Conventions in a Period of Rapid Change

round table on a square screen // 90 min

Speakers: Gregor Božič, Nataša Bučar, Jasmina Cibic, Marina Gumzi, Katarina Jazbec and Matevž Jerman.


The conference is aimed at collective reflection on new, experimental and unconventional procedures, content, formats and circumstances for the creation and viewing of films with regard to the dominant standards of systems that support film production and distribution.


We will talk about the possibilities, potentials, prejudices and formal barriers that artists recognize in their practices and are related to non-standard formats of creativity within the modern audio-visual medium.


The event is part of the residency project of producer, author and researcher Marina Gumzi, in which she deals with modern unconventional film formats and their location in the domestic and wider audio-visual landscape.


Participation is free. To receive a link to the event, you need to register at info@filmfactory.si.

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