ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS | exercises in culture

Deadline: 30 Mar 2021

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In 2021, RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE and the Centre for Creativity are presenting a program of free mentorships for the professionalisation of artistic activity in the field of marketing and promotion of artistic production [ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS | exercises in culture], aimed at visual artists, curators and producers of the younger and middle generation. The individual mentoring program is led by Piera Ravnikar.


Up to 20 creatives of the younger and middle generation working in the field of contemporary visual art will be accepted for the free mentoring program. Preference is given to individuals up to the age of 35 who are still at the beginning of their professional path and show exceptional potential and motivation for their artistic development. Creators who do not yet have experience of exhibiting and working in galleries and museums are also invited to apply.


From the very beginning, RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE has been primarily focused on young and under-represented art, striving for its widest possible presentation. Our vision for the future of dynamic and vibrant contemporary visual production is in accord with the idea of the free mentoring program. With the program, the gallery wants to take a responsible stance in relation to its immediate surroundings and the wider cultural community, and through individual guidance for participants, cultural workers and workers from various disciplines to provide the best opportunities for further growth and development. The essential goal is to equip young artists with relevant and practical knowledge dealing with market and promotional aspects of work, as the aspect of creation – even in ideal social conditions – often inhibits exceptional potential. Consequently, the goal is to help mentees to achieve autonomy in their cultural activities, as this is the only way to help establish a diverse labour force of future leaders in art, who will not only survive but also enjoy more stable working conditions in the art world.


The application deadline is 30 March 2021.

Piera Ravnikar

Piera Ravnikar has been actively involved in contemporary art for the last 15 years. She is proud to have been part of Kino Šiška’s pioneer team as an artistic programme manager for nearly ten years. Piera currently runs RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE and takes part in projects like MENT Ljubljana, LIMITED EDIT111ONS, Independent Platform NYC and SKALINADA AIR. She holds an MA in history from the University of London and EU Diploma in cultural project management from Association Marcel Hicter, Brussels.

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