BRAND – to whom, what and how?

18 May 2021

| 14:00


Part 1: 14:00-15:00

Part 2: 15:30-16:30

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The goal of every brand is to create a networking of the target audience, but in the flood of competitors and approaches, it’s hard to find a recipe for success that would turn a passive audience into loyal advocates. For a brand to be able to position itself confidently and successfully on the market, it must first truly understand and know its customers, produce such messages for them that will encourage dialogue and then give their communication a suitable personality and find the brand’s voice.


We will get to know who, what and how to communicate as a brand at an interactive e-workshop with Masha Mazi.


The workshop will discuss in more detail:

  • definition of the target audience based on facts and not guesses,
  • ways in which and where this target audience can be found,
  • practical setting of key messages and
  • permeating key messages with the personality and language of the brand in your cases.

Masha Mazi

Masha Mazi is a brand development strategist and founder of the creative studio Atlas Authentica. Her experience covers a wide range - marketing, PR, UX planning and graphic design. At the moment, she focuses on mentoring young creatives in shaping their careers and advising companies in the areas of branding, innovation and sustainability. She has 50+ clients backing her that she has assisted them to develop their brands and products.

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