DESIGN DINING: Pop-Up Dinner & Exhibition in Maribor

17 Sep - 20 Nov 2021


Pop-up diner: 17 & 18 Sep 2021, at 19:00, Žički dvor, Vojašniški trg 2b, Maribor

Razstava: 20 Sep – 20 Nov 2021, CzK Maribor Project Office, Partizanska cesta 11, Maribor

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From time immemorial eating has been a ritualistic practice and closely related to design, be it as an everyday ritual or a special, sensory experience with a concept. It is on this premise that we have decided to launch a project titled DESIGN DINING: Slovenian Tableware Design, undertaken by the Museum for Architecture and Design in cooperation with the Centre for Creativity under the auspices of the Distributed Design Market Platform, to join the stories of design and gastronomy into a unique dining experience authored by chef Jakob Pintar from TaBar in cooperation with select designers.


Based on their shared values of local, sustainable, sensory and ritualistic, the design and culinary mindset were combined into a nine-course vegetarian menu featuring a new, limited series of unique tableware pieces by nine designers and designer collectives. The opening event will be marked by two pop-up dinners on Friday, 17 September, and Saturday, 18 September 2021 in the Žički dvor venue in Maribor.


This culinary voyage, however, is not the only result of the Slovenian Tableware Design project. The newly created designs will be on display also after these two events, at the exhibition in CzK Maribor Project Office from 20 September to 20 November 2021, and at the Vienna Design Week 2021.


The concept for each dish was developed and complemented hand in hand with the idea of an individual design piece, with the focus on simple, local ingredients and materials as well as experimental forms and bold flavors. The corn tableware by designer Rok Oblak and the plate made entirely of soil from a field in Poljanska Dolina elevate corn from its role of functional food to a sustainable, ethical and aesthetical experience. Forks by designer Vera Fois are part of her Forbidden Cutlery collection, which she uses as a tool to question our eating behavior, our customs and strict rules of conduct at the meal table as well as to explore what happens when we are allowed to break those rules. The design piece by Nuša Jelenc and Katarina Dekleva is a hand-made wine glass with an irregular glass bowl rim that offers a funny sensory experience when touched with lips and tongue. Join us and meet the rest of design products, let yourself be swept away by the evening’s events and enjoy the flavors, textures, colors, aromas and designs!


The price for this culinary and design experience is 65 EUR and includes:

  • 9-course vegetarian menu at the Žički dvor venue in Maribor, served on Slovenian Tableware Design from the limited series of new design pieces,
  • a 20 EUR voucher for the purchase of design pieces.


Wine and other drinks will be served separately.


The number of seating positions at a dinner is limited to 25. Tickets can be bought in MAO web shop.


Entry to events is subject to the RVT (recovered, vaccinated, tested) condition.

Pop-up diner

Friday, 17 September 2021

Žički dvor, Vojašniški trg 2b, Maribor,


at 19;00

Ssturday, 18 September 2021

Žički dvor, Vojašniški trg 2b, Maribor,


at 19;00


20 September - 20 November 2021

CzK Maribor Project Office, Partizanska cesta 11, Maribor

Mon – Fri, between 9:00 and 17:00

Romana Brina Gobec (Brinas)

Her source of inspiration is nature and everything that surrounds her, but mostly what she feels when she closes her eyes. Her mission is to create herself with hands, to discover organic, advanced materials, and to discover the countless possibilities for dyeing textile with natural dyes.

Bojana Križanec

Bojana Križanec holds a degree in sculpture at the Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts in Ljubljana (now School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica). She has had solo exhibitions in numerous galleries and is the recipient of several awards. In recent years, she has been making plates for some of the best restaurants both at home and abroad, among them Hiša Franko, La Subida, Amelia, and Noel.

Gašper Fabijan

Gašper Fabijan is an architect increasingly turning towards design. Both in architecture and in designing smaller objects he is inspired by stories that help the object design itself and thus become timeless.

Lučka Berlot in Ági Göb (MOSEANIC)

Designer and teacher Lučka Berlot works in product and craft-based design, in particular lightnings and home accessories. Her products are made under the brand name Lučkabučka. Since 2019, she has been developing Moseanic Partnership material and brand name together with Hungarian designer Agi Gob. Agi Gob graduated in urban and product design in Budapest, and is currently working in packaging and product design as well as photography.

Rok Oblak (Salto Dionys)

Rok Oblak holds a degree in industrial design from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, and a master's degree in applied arts from Emily Carr University in Canada. Apart from Delavnica LEVO, where he designs products under the brand name Salto Dionys, he is also active in KRATER creative lab. His work revolves around biocomposites, use of local materials and the conception of new DIY and DIT production processes.

Katarina Dekleva in Nuša Jelenec

Industrial designer Nuša Jelenec and architect Katarina Dekleva first met in the Meet Your Food section of Ljubljana Design Biennial's BIO25 edition. Sharing similar interests, design approach and philosophy, they have since working together professionally on a regular base. They are both interested in sustainability principles, DIY culture, humor in design and architecture, cooking and gardening.

Kristina Pucko in Špela Ambrož (OD OKA)

OD OKA is the result of project-based cooperation between Špela Ambrož and Kristina Pucko. Authors create artful tableware for imaginative tablescapes.

Anamarija Dimovska (Natura Morta)

Ceramics designer Anamarija Dimkovska explores traditional forms and archeological finds of the past, whereby she is constantly confronted with the question of future. Her experimental approach to work and alchemical mixing of recipes for various glazes produce one-of-a-kind effects. The surfaces of her objects are proof of a unique transformation that takes place hidden from view, during the phase of glaze firing.

Vera Fois

Vera Fois is an architect and a Master in Management, who loves design and architecture. She likes to explore new concepts and different technologies, with particular focus on details. Recently, she has started exploring ceramics design.