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First steps toward international cooperation

Medvode, 30 Mar 2021 |

| Slovenj Gradec, 1 Apr 2021 |

Murska Sobota, 8 Apr 2021 |

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Zavod Motovila, in cooperation with the Centre for Creativity at the Museum for Architecture and Design invites you to a series of public seminars entitled First Steps to Medvode (March 30), Slovenj Gradec (April 1) and Murska Sobota (April 8). The seminars are aimed at representatives of the cultural and creative sectors, as well as officials and decision-makers interested in transnational cooperation, international mobility, and the use of EU funding in the field of culture.


The seminar aims to help participants acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for international cultural integration and cooperation. In a nutshell, we want to encourage creatives to draw funds from the EU budgets. In addition to guidance and examples of good practice, the Motovile team will be available for counselling at the end of each seminar. There will be three 30-minute seminars. Preference will be given to local organizations that will attend the seminar and decide on the first steps on the path toward international cooperation.


The seminars will be organized in cooperation with local partners in:

  • Medvode (March 30),
  • Slovenj Gradec (April 1), and
  • Murski Soboti (April 8).


The first seminar, which will take place on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, in Medvode, can be viewed live at the Pr’ Lenart homestead (participation is limited) or online (Zoom).



Attendance at the site will be regulated in accordance with applicable government regulations, taking into account NIJZ recommendations for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. Preference for live participation will be given to organizations that will also attend individual counselling after the seminar.



Applications are open. To take part at the event, write to info@ced-slovenia.eu. The number of places available is limited.


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