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The Future of Living: Prague

14 Oct −1 Nov 2021

Praga 6, Sklenak Gallery

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The official opening of the exhibition “The Future of Living” took place on Thursday, 14 October 2021, at the Skleňák Gallery in Prague 6. The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Prague prepared the exhibition on the Czech side in cooperation with the Municipality of Prague 6 and representatives of the gallery.


At the opening, which was attended by the diplomatic corps, representatives of the Slovenian community in the Czech Republic and representatives of cultural, architectural and design institutions, participants were addressed by Eva Smutná, representative of Prague 6, HR, Strniša and Jíři Růžička, First Vice President of the Czech Senate . Senator Růžička also covers the cultural area of ​​the Prague area 6.


The presented products predict the future of living, where raw materials are no longer in abundance, where it is necessary to rationalize the methods of production and use of human resources and bring the products closer to a new generation of users who want customized solutions. These are in technologically advanced and innovative manufacturing, which manufacturers and designers combine with a love of life and nature. The presented products and services combine creativity with a business vision. They highlight the stories of fresh brands that express functionality, passion, innovative ways of using materials, especially wood, and new production techniques that rely on regional craftsmanship and advanced sustainable manufacturing techniques.


The traveling exhibition The Future of Living, created as a result of cooperation between the Center for Creativity, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Slovenian missions abroad, is one of the major promotional events of the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council in 2021.


The exhibition, which is available for viewing 24/7 due to the concept of presentation in the shop window, will be on display in the gallery until 1 November.

Tokio furniture and lighting

Atelje Mali

Dan Adlešič

Darja Malešič

David Tavčar


Eva Garibaldi

Iztok Lemajič

Jana Mršnik

JNŽ studio x Nastja Utroša


Nina Malovrh

Peter Zabret

Tina Košak Koren - Zavod Floios

Veronika Rožmanc

Wilsonic design


Studio Moste

Tilen Sepič

Tina Rugelj