The Future of Living: Zagreb

21 Sep −26 Sep 2021

Nikola Tesla Technical Museum

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The exhibition of Slovenian design The Future of Living is hosted from 21-26. September at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb as part of Zagreb Design Week.


The presented products and services combine creativity with a business vision. We highlight the stories of small brands that express functionality, a passion for life and nature, innovative ways of using local materials, especially wood, and new production techniques based on regional craftsmanship and advanced sustainable production techniques.

The set of 90 products that received the “Made in Slovenia” badge of excellence was created in the last two years and in many ways represents the efforts of the Center for Creativity, which operates within the Museum of Architecture and Design – to connect, promote, support and develop the cultural and creative sector in Slovenia and more actively connect it with the economy, science, and education. The products predict the future of living, where raw materials are no longer in abundance, where it is necessary to rationalize the methods of production and use of human resources and bring the products closer to a new generation of users who want tailor-made solutions. These are in technologically advanced and innovative manufacturing, which manufacturers and designers combine with a love of life and nature.

Tokio furniture and lighting

Atelje Mali

Darja Malešič

David Tavčar

Iztok Lemajič

Jana Mršnik

JNŽ studio x Nastja Utroša


Tina Košak Koren - Zavod Floios

Wilsonic design


Studio Moste

Tina Rugelj