Guided tours [Tunel 29]

5 Jul–16 Aug 2020


Za prijavo na dogodek se morate naprej registrirat na naši spletni strani.

We invite you to take a guided tour of the exhibition [Tunnel 29] – Design for a Post-Apocalyptic World, with curator of the exhibition and head of the CzK program, Mika Cimolini.


The final selection of thirty products that dare to look beyond the present and originally selected for Milan Design Week, was created through an open call. The goal of “designing for a post-apocalyptic world” is to take people out of their comfort zone to find design solutions for a reality in which we are already living. How can we prepare for an inevitable apocalypse, one full of forecasts of mega-viruses and climate catastrophes? How can we change and adapt our everyday life to fight the impending doomsday?


In the future, design is local. What we will need is simple, multifunctional solutions. We will learn new skills, like how to grow our own food or make furniture and recycle old built objects. We will return to crafts and the humorous[?] digital world, which will help us all live better. And we will return to the countryside.

Exhibition [Tunel 29]