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How should I promote myself?

16 and 23 Feb 2022

| 17:00

Studio Ljudje

Za prijavo na dogodek se morate naprej registrirat na naši spletni strani.

Studio Ljudje, in cooperation with the Centre for Creativity, at the Museum for Architecture and Design, invites you to the first of the workshops in the series Everything they do not teach during the studies.


The workshop is designed to teach simple approaches to the timeless and effective presentation of projects to the public. Participants will learn about ways to obtain the desired projects without excessive self-promotion. At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a personal channel created to achieve their own ambitions.


The workshop will take place at the premises of the Ljudje studio at Ilirska ulica 15 in Ljubljana and is free of charge. The number of places in the live workshop is limited, so hurry and register now!


If you missed the registration or cannot attend the workshop live, you will be able to follow the introductory lecture of the workshop via online download.


More information and registration can be found here.

The project is part of the Partner Network of Centre for Creativity Platform. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development and the Republic of Slovenia.