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Conference Creative collaborations for the future

2 Mar 2022

| 9:00

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The New European Bauhaus brings together citizens, experts, businesses and institutions and facilitates discussions about creating a better tomorrow. Also it mobilizes different groups like designers, architects, engineers, scientists, students and creative minds across disciplines to reimagine sustainable living in Europe and beyond.


Especially when it comes to creating impact for the future, the skills and approaches of the cultural and creative industries in Central Europe are highly valuable. They have a great potential to link up with other industry sectors and boost economic and social development by empowering innovation processes with creative inputs.


The online conference „Creative collaborations for the future – drivers for interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral innovations in Europe“ will introduce The New European Bauhaus and showcase creative approaches and cross-sectoral innovations in Europe.


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9:00 am: Welcome & Introduction

Grit Ackermann, Head of Project Department, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia


Christophe EbermannProject and Evaluation Manager, Interreg Central Europe


Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach, Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria

9:20 am: Keynote The New European Bauhaus

Michela Magas, designer and innovation advisor to the European Commission and the G7 leaders, Member of President von der Leyen’s High Level Round Table for the New European Bauhaus.


Michela Magas will speak about 10 years of feeding policy from grassroots creative experimentation with multidisciplinary communities that unite the CCI with scientific researchers and industrial partners. This hands-on approach to innovation prototyping and evidence-based policy making has proven to boost regional ecosystems – each according to their needs and according to the challenges they face. Even during the pandemic co-creation in blended environments has resulted in multipliers and personal transformations with multiple awards, ongoing funding, and long-term collaborations. Michela will show how these methodologies have become relevant for policy at high level in initiatives such as the New European Bauhaus.

9:45 am: Q&A

Q&A with Keynote Speaker Michela Magas

10:00 am: Inspirational Talks & Best Practices from Central Europe

Jurij Krpan, Artistic Director of Kersnikova Institute Ljubljana. He is leading the establishment of Lab for speculative innovation and expert in involving art-thinking and design-thinking into the innovation process facilitated by innovation catalysts.


In his talk „Mastery of Weaving Ideas“ he contributes to the questions „How might we engage/mobilize people in projects (in times of uncertainty)?“ and „How do you use the know-how and experience of a diverse group of people to co-create?“


„The process of innovation is a journey to unpredictable, and unknown. If we are brave enough to step on new untrodden paths that will possibly take us to open new doors to exciting discoveries, we have to give up to our situated knowledge and proven habits. That state of mind might be challenging for experienced professionals who were asked to give their expertise, and contribute to the process of innovation.


Ultimately, that is what their reputation is made of. So, to avoid the perpetuation of the same, proving ideas with already accepted and confirmed practices that is channeling us into manageable realms, we have to create an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance of otherness, and embracing of uncertainty. To create that stimulating and inspiring environment where innovators can thrive in their speculations and weaving ideas into something new, we have foreseen an agency of innovation catalyst who’s role is to instigate the state of mind in the innovation room and enable connecting ideas seemingly uncontactable.“

10:25 am: Short Break
10:35 am: Inspirational Talks & Best Practices from Central Europe

Agnieszka Polkowska, speculative designer, design curator and educator in design, founder of Trendspot and co-founder of Touching Points studio, which was established to transfer ideas between different sectors and implementing them into strategic actions.


In her talk she contributes to the question „How might we design inclusive and open rooms/spaces?“


„Space is energy first, which later – with added structures becomes – physical. In order to create a situation, which is a collaborative one, I believe we need to build a system where each realm can and have a potential to become a valuable input to each other. My aim is to design a space, which will be inclusive and to build creative cycles, in which either one domain or single individual initiate a revolution or evolution by affecting one another. I will share my experience with situations, contexts and used tools that truly helped me with welcoming creative minds to innovate with cross-pollinating ideas.“

11:00 am: Networking with the speakers & participants / break

In three breakout-rooms, participants can further discuss the topics of the inspirational talks and network with the speakers.


11:20 am: Inspirational Talk & Best Practice from Central Europe

Raffaela Seitz dedicates herself to the conception and organisation of cross sector offers in the Cross Innovation Hub at Hamburg Kreativ.


In her talk she contributes to the question „How might we turn experiments to sustainable concepts/models?“

11:45 am: Discussion/Inspirational Talk

Arthur Mamou-Mani is a French architect and director of the award-winning practice Mamou-Mani Architects, which specialises in a new kind of digitally designed and fabricated architecture. He is a lecturer at the University of Westminster and owns a digital fabrication laboratory called the FabPub, which allows people to experiment with large 3D Printers and Laser Cutters.


In his talk he contributes to the question „How might we improve the quality of our living experience?“

12:10 am: Networking with the speakers & participants / break

In three breakout-rooms, participants can further discuss the topics of the inspirational talks and network with the speakers.


12:30 pm: Conclusion & Outlook

Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria / Business Upper Austria