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Open studio: Kranj

May 5, 2022

| 17:00


Za prijavo na dogodek se morate naprej registrirat na naši spletni strani.

The second in a series of Open Studio events, created in collaboration with the Centre for Creativity, will be hosted by 3fs and we will discuss with designer Piko Žvan, up close and step by step, how digital products are designed. You are all invited to engage in a conversation and participate in a short workshop: with or without experience.


In the case of a product designed for the health system during a pandemic, we will explore approaches to research, workshops, prototyping and teamwork, and highlight what separates well-designed products from less successful ones and functional teams from those that fail.


3fs d.o.o. is a high-tech company from Slovenia with a presence in Kranj, Maribor and Stockholm. It employs about 80 people, of whom more than two-thirds are developers and engineers and product designers. The main area of ​​activity is consulting and assistance to large multinationals (mostly from Scandinavia) in the field of digital product development. Over the past 17 years, the company has also designed many of its own products, such as Toshl, Lake, Tricky Tribe and Iryo, which have continued their stories as stand-alone spin-off companies.


Location: 3FS, Ljubljanska cesta 24d, Kranj


The event is free but registration is mandatory for easier organization.

The Open Studio event series is part of the partner network of the Centre for Creativity. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development and the Republic of Slovenia.

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