PSSST! SONICA 2021 – Talks and round tables on topic of music business

29 Sep 2021

| 16:00


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The SONICA Festival, in partnership with SIGIC and the Platform of the Centre for Creativity, is preparing a diverse conference program on the topic of the music business with foreign and domestic experts on 29 September at the Museum of Architecture and Design. It will be followed up by evening concerts as part of the SONICA festival.


The conference will include an afternoon of round tables, talks and lectures. At the first round table, curator of the exhibition Brandon Rosenbluth will speak with the artists from the exhibition in Equrna on the topic of technology as an extension of body; the second, led by Luka Zagoričnik, will be dedicated to tools that a young musician can use for their career. It will feature James Ginzburg of Multiverse, Raphael Rodriguez of PAN and Danse Noire and Chris Eckman of Glitterbeat.


This will be followed by a conversation between Resident Advisor journalist Chloe Lula and James Ginzburg. The main lecture will be dedicated to the title of the festival – Bill Deitz, composer, writer and head of the Department of Sound at the American Art School BARD.


Concerts will start at 20:00 in MAO, which will be marked by the concert premiere of the new album of local band Octex. Octex, with their unique synthesis of sounds, has set international trends in the field of dub techno, later deconstructed and deepened through experimentation, modular synthesis, broken rhythms, field recordings and atmosphere building. Their return album entitled Mindrifft (Polynya music, 2021) goes a step further; its subtle play of frequencies and repetitions takes us into a hypnotic field on the edge of sound perception, into pulsations and rhythmic movements, into the loop of repetition and difference formed in our auditory canals.


Joining Octex will be TetaMeta, a project by Patricia Arh, squeezed between the past of synthpop and its modern reminiscence of synthwave and dream pop, which is dominated by translucent, airy electronics with textures of multi-layered synthesizer songs spread across the soundscapes. Following her will be the American-German producer and DJ Swan Meat, whose unique sound is marked by an interweaving of string compositions, 8-bit synth melodies and intense techno outbursts, and GABI98 from the domestic DJ collective Nimaš Izbire.

The conference part of the program is part of the Music Slovenia project, which is part of the Platform of the Centre for Creativity at MAO Slovenia and is supported by the Republic of Slovenia and the European fund for Regional Development.

Round Table 1: “MysTech Entanglements”

Participants: Marija Bozinovska Jones, Jessika Khazrik, Silvia Rosani, Spatial.


Moderator: Brandon Rosenbluth

Round Table 2: “Aspiring Musician’s Toolkit”

Sodelujejo: James Ginzburg (Multiverse publishing / Subtext records), Raphael Rodriguez (PAN / Danse Noire labels), Chris Eckman (Glitterbeat records) in Chloe Lula (RA / The Wire).


Moderator Luka T. Zagoričnik


James Ginzburg in Chloe Lula

Keynote lecture

Bill Dietz (Arhiv Maryanne Amacher)

Bill Dietz

is an American composer, writer, & co-chair of the Bard MFASound Department who is currently based in Florence. His work on the genealogy of the concert and the performance of listening has brought him to festivals such as MaerzMusik & the Donaueschinger Musiktage, museums such as the Hamburger Bahnhof, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum, and into publications such as MusikTexte and Positionen. He has worked regularly with Catherine Christer Hennix and Maryanne Amacher. He is the artistic director ofEnsemble Zwischentöneand co-founder of Ear / Wave / Event.

Chloe Lula

Chloe Lula is a Berlin-based DJ, music producer, and writer. She is the Managing Editor of Resident Advisor, the Editorial Director of Refuge Worldwide Radio, and a journalist with bylines in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico, Esquire, and The Wire, among other major publications. She has an MA in art and cultural criticism from Columbia Journalism School in 2020 and is a fellow with the Pulitzer Center in Washington, D.C. In addition to covering about music and culture, Chloe writes about gender justice, LGBTQ+ rights, intersectional feminist theory, migration and mutual aid.

Chris Eckman

Chris Eckman is an American musician, composer, producer, educator and label owner of Glitterbeat Records. His band The Walkabouts was signed to Sub Pop and Virgin Records in the '90's and he has collaboratored with Brian Eno, The Tindersticks, members of R.E.M and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and Dirtmusic. Eckman has produced over 30 albums for esteemed international musicians like Tamikrest, Aziza Brahim and Bassekou Kouyaté, and released albums from Altin Gun, Lina Raul Refree, Edikanfo, and Gaye Su Akyol, securing WOMEX's Label Award five years in a row.

James Ginzburg

Berlin-based James Ginzburg is a prolific musician of experimental electronic music, folk music, film and film score and dance music. He is one half of emptyset, a project which examines the material properties of sound and its correspondence with architecture, performance and physical modes of production; they have released on Raster Noton and Subtext, producing works for the David Roberts Art Foundation, Tate Britain and V&A Museum, and performing at Unsound, CTM, and Sonic Acts. He runs Multiverse, a publishing company and studio, which includes labels Subtext and Arc Light Editions.

Jessika Khazrik

Jessika Khazrik is an artist, technologist, electronic music producer and writer whose interdisciplinary practice ranges from composition to machine learning, ecotoxicology, cryptography, performance, visual art and history of science. Her work has been presented at CTM Festival, the Arab Image Foundation, Kunsthalle Wien, the Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, Times Museum Guangzhou, LUMA Foundation, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, and Theater der Welt. Her writing has been published in Bidayat Journal, Zweikommasieben, Kohl Journal, The Funambulist, Almodon and Ibraaz.

Raphael Rodriguez

Raphael Rodriguez has been active in the fields of music & art for a decade, with a career spanning from tour management/booking and production to artist management worldwide. Initially from Switzerland and currently operating out of Berlin, he co-founded and runs the Danse Noire label and currently is active as an A&R consultant as well as the label manager of boundary-breaking interdisciplinary outlet PAN.

Marija Bozinovska Jones

Marija Bozinovska Jones (MBJ Wetware) explores links between social, computational and organic architectures. Working across audiovisual formats, installation, ephemeral mediums and in live context, her works revolve around technological amplification and unpack cryptic ways of forging subjectivity. MBJ often maps biochemical onto algorithmic components, probing notions of selfhood from a subatomic level to networked presence on a planetary scale, regularly collaborating with researchers, programmers, holistic practitioners and other artists.

Matt Spendlove

Matt Spendlove aka Spatial is an electronic musician and multimedia artist from London whose work pushes the dynamics of sound system culture incorporating low frequency vibration, hacked code, and optisonic experiments. An unconventional artist in the turbulent realm of bass music, Spatial combines a preoccupation with emergent behaviour, rule based repetition and chaotic systems with an ability to shape dubbed out, cracked and reductive sonics into audible geometric form. Through textured intricate production, Spatial’s releases and live sets bring corporeal presence carved out with a minimalist’s scalpel.

Silvia Rosani

Silvia Rosini is an emerging composer and sound artist with a PhD in composition from Goldsmiths, who composes music in between contemporary music, electroacoustic music and installation. Invented sounds and objects, technology, objects, feedback loops, neural networks and databases enter into these relations between composer, performer and listener. Amotion, a work developed under the umbrella of the international EMAP/EMARE residency, through the relation between a musical instrument and a hybrid electroacoustic sound, interacts with the audience in a feedback loop, sounding and merging folk and other voices in a search for the in-betweens of emotional sediments in a shared sonic space. The work was presented at Ars Electronica in Linz, among other venues, and Rosini has also worked at ZKM Karlsruhe and the renowned SWR Eskperimentalstudio in Freiburg.

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