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Slovenian design featured on 3daysofdesign

3 - 5 Sep 2020

Amaliegade 6, Copenhagen

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A collaboration of CzK (Centre fro creativity), the Slovenian Embassy in Denmark and SPIRIT Slovenia presented the exemplary work of Slovenian furniture design September 3–5 at one of most important events in product design, 3daysofdesign, in the Danish capital Copenhagen. The Circle (Krog) exhibition showed selected products from eight Slovenian companies, all of which were made locally and are the result of the extensive experience of domestic craftspeople with the support of contemporary technologies and sustainable production. The exquisite Slovenian designs were presented to architects, the international media, and the interested public. The exhibition was shown at the spaces of the Slovenian Embassy in the centre of Copenhagen.


The participating Slovenian design agencies featured at the exhibition showing furniture and other fixtures (lighting, tables, sofas, toys, even a cathouse) were all selected via an open call by SPIRIT Slovenia, who together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology financially supported the project. A total of eight Slovenian firms were selected and represented: Donar, Folds, Kauch, Lepu, Wilsonic design, Kubus-interier, Tiba, and Guïana.


The main themes of this year’s event were the circular economy and sustainable design. “We can find local crafts, sustainability, recycled materials and inspiring designs in Slovenian design and architecture going back more than 100 years,” says Ajda Cuderman, head of the SPIRIT agency, “ever since Jože Plečnik. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs RS and SPIRIT are proud to present a selection of  contemporary and sustainable design products carefully chosen to relate to Danish design sensibilities that aspire to longevity and craftmanship”.


Matevž Čelik, director of MAO (Museum for Architecture and Design), under which CzK operates, explained: “The presence on international events like 3 daysofdesign is of essential importance for the growth of furniture companies. With Centre for Creativity we’re looking to secure a regular presence for Slovenian design and brands on the international market. While a single show doesn’t mean a great deal, it is important to have an ongoing presence at similar events in order to achieve recognition. Growing online sales enables Slovenian companies to reach international markets, so these kinds of events become even more important, as they represent an opportunity to have products seen and experienced, live.”


“By participating in one of the most important events in contemporary product design in Denmark and across Scandinavia, and by showing exceptional Slovenian designers and products, we ensure the design and production landscape in Slovenia is better recognised internationally”, offer exhibition curators Zala Košnik and CzK Mika Cimolini from CzK. “At the same time it enables creatives to show themselves to the global public.”


“Considering the aesthetics of our designs, materials and sustainable approach to design and production, we feel the Scandinavian countries could be among our main markets outside Slovenia. Therefore, the opportunity to present our brand in the Danish capital at the 3daysofdesign, where the latest design achievements are shown every year, was extremely important to us. I see the participation of Slovenian designers at the event as an opportunity to boost the recognition of Slovenian design in the international arena,” says architect Kaja Lipnik Vehovar. Vehovar is behind the family-owned company Kubus Interier, which is known primarily as an importer of quality furniture by top designers predominantly from Scandinavia.



Kubus Interier is presenting its Fold lights, a new line from the Shadow lighting family, at the international design event. Architect-designers Kaja Lipnik Vehovar and Arne Vehovar designed clean and simple wooden veneer lights of various types.


“3daysofdesign in Copenhagen is one of the most prestigious design events in Europe. As a participant, I think the festival is a good opportunity to present young designers in such a quality market as Denmark’s, where design is an integral part of life. Slovenians also have a rich design tradition, and it’s up to us as young people to continue and develop it. Therefore, my participation in the festival is a valuable experience in my design career” says designer Luka Rugelj, who presented an origami dining table designed for the Guïana company.


The Concrete Garden company exhibited a cathouse and a chair by designer Tina Rugelj at The Circle. Among the products of the Donar company were the Collodi chair by designer Andraž Šapec, and the Nico Less chair by Primož Jeza Studio, who also designed the Venice Sofa. And Brand Folds showed lights designed by Anja Mencinger and Nikolaj Salaj.


The exhibition also included a children’s toy, the Bi Biip car by Mateja Panter and the Oblak sofa, which is the work of designer Luka Bassanese, both of which products created for the Kauch company. The selection of modern Slovenian furniture products created in close cooperation between designers and manufacturers, also included a chair and table by designer Neža Uran under the Lepu company. And a rocking horse for children by Nina Mihovec from Wilsonic Design Part rounded out the selection.


The Danish daily Jyllandsposten covered the exhibition, which was set up at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Copenhagen as part of the 3daysofdesign event:


Among other things, you can see new sustainable products at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Copenhagen, including the armchair “Collodi” by Andraž Šabac from Donar d.o.o. in the shape of a felt cup mounted on a metal or wooden frame, and which is made of 100 percent recycled materials.


“Local materials, craft and durability are key attributes of our exhibition. Sustainable production technology is something that inspires Slovenian designers” says Marie Sauer Johansen, who is responsible for communication for Slovenia’s contribution to 3daysofdesign. The Slovenian Embassy was present at the event for the first time last year. Due to the impact of the exhibition, they decided to participate again this year. The exhibition is curated by an expert group from the Center for Creativity, which operates under the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana. “The exhibitors were selected through an open call, with those with the highest marks selected. One interesting example is the set of garden furniture that includes The Seater designed by Tina Rugelj for Concrete Garden. The Seater is certainly a sustainable product, as it boasts a lifespan of as much as 60 years. Another is the “Nico less” folding chair, which is made from recycled plastic bottles, producing a truly minimal environmental footprint” says Sauer Johansen. She also pointed out that the embassy is following all guidelines in order to avoid spreading infection.


Furniture for children and cats


If you walk past the Slovenian embassy, ​​you will also be able to get to know the fun mobile children’s furniture Kauch designed for Bi Biip by Mateja Panter. It is a kind of armchair that looks like a small car on wheels. The piece can also even be used as a stroller. “We chose children’s furniture because we know that Danes appreciate modern design for children’s rooms. I hope that this will surprise visitors, who may not immediately connect Slovenia with modern furniture design,” says Marie Sauer Johansen.


Jyllandsposten, 30 August 2020, p. 9-11. You can read the full post (in Danish) here.

The exhibition of contemporary Slovenian furniture design The Circle at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen proved to be a good example of multilevel cooperation, as it was produced by the Slovenian Embassy in Copenhagen, the SPIRIT agency and CzK. The exhibition received great attention, as the organizers of 3daysofdesign put it on an official tour with selected journalists and architects. By appearing at such events, Slovenian design is becoming better known in Denmark and across the Scandinavian region.

Donar d.o.o.

Kubus-interier d.o.o.

Wilsonic design