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Collaborations and partnerships

15 Jun 2021

| 14:00


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The flexibility of creative companies and the ability to adapt quickly to digital markets remains one of the most popular trends of recent times. Therefore, when developing and upgrading the brand, it is necessary to be open to opportunities for cooperation and partnerships with other companies from the same and another fields, to reach new target audiences and to offer more integrated solutions or products.


This lecture and workshop will be held by Alja Horvat, illustrator and graphic designer from Maribor and recipient of the Elle Style Award 2019 in the ‘Young Talent’ category and included in the Forbes list ‘30 under 30’ in the Art & Culture category. Alja is known for her successful brand, and we will focus mainly on her cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, such as: Barcaffe, Renault Slovenia, Urban Outfitters, ban.do, Anthropologie and Causebox.


The workshop will address:

  • why cooperation with other brands and companies is important,
  • what needs to be considered when selecting and establishing new collaborations,
  • how to plan, monitor and complete collaboration (criteria, goals, performance analysis),
  • various cooperation strategies,
  • concluding cooperation agreements and determining the scope of work of each partner,
  • examples of good and bad cooperation practices.


You can also follow Alja on Instagram: @aljahorvat.


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Alja Horvat

Alja Horvat (24) is an illustrator and graphic designer from Maribor, who graduated from NTF in Ljubljana. She mostly creates with her graphic tablet but also likes to use a brush and draw with gouache and oil. She is inspired by everything around her, especially nature and museums. As a big fan of the 60s and 70s, she tries to include these periods in her illustrations, so that we can also feel a drop of nostalgia in her works. Alja is a recipient of the Elle Style Awards 2019 in the 'Young Talent' category and part of Forbes' '30 under 30' list in the Art & Culture category. Her collaborations include Urban Outfitters, ban.do, a fashion collection from Anthropologie and a residence in Los Angeles at Causebox, and she has also collaborated with Slovenian companies such as Barcaffe and Renault Slovenia.