Centre for Creativity among EEPA 2021 finalists

In the competition for the European Prize for Entrepreneurship EEPA 2021, the public agency SPIRIT SLOVENIJA selected the Centre for Creativity (CzK) at the Museum of Architecture and Design as one of the Slovenian finalists for the EEPA 2021 Prize awarded by the European Commission.


The European Enterprise Promotion Award recognises the most successful entrepreneurship promoters in Europe, presents best business practices, raises awareness of the added value of entrepreneurship and encourages and inspires potential entrepreneurs. The EEPA 2021 Grand Jury Prize is awarded in any category and will be awarded to the most creative and inspiring ideas for promoting entrepreneurship in Europe.


With this, the Centre for Creativity entered the further competition for the pan-European award. SPIRIT recognised the role of CzK in promoting entrepreneurship in the creative sector and its connection with the economy. Among the registered projects or. With good practices, the National Expert Commission has selected two Slovenian representatives to represent Slovenia. In doing so, the commission followed the following criteria:


  • Originality and feasibility;
  • impact on the local economy;
  • improving relations between local stakeholders;
  • portability: how the approach can be replicated in the region and elsewhere in Europe.


In addition to CzK, the national selection also included the project “GREEN PENGUIN” in the field of “supporting sustainable transition”; both nominated projects raise awareness, educate, inspire and encourage various target groups towards an entrepreneurial, sustainable way of thinking and acting and in their field record some extraordinary results and long-term effects.


In the continuation of this year’s competition “European Prize for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship”, the European Commission will select members of the commission who will select shortlisted nominees in each category from a set of applications from individual countries. Nominees will be invited to the closing event with the award ceremony. The winners in individual categories are expected to be announced in November 2021 as part of the annual SME meeting of the European Commission (SME Assembly) in Portorož.


You can find more information about EEPA 2021 here.