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Open call

DESIGN DINING: open call for designers

Apply until 18 May 2021

“I am looking forward to the project, because as a chef I am always on the lookout for new ideas on how to present my dishes. At one point white plates were replaced by unique products from the hands of potters, carpenters, and other craftsmen. Giving the artist the opportunity to be unbothered by notions of how the object will end up being used on the table seems like a great idea to me. Products that are created this way go beyond the limits of the everyday, the expected, and the comfortable. I want unusual shapes and unusual materials that will allow me to step into the unknown.” 

Jakob Pintar, chef

As part of the programme DESIGN DINING: Slovenian table setting design, organised by the Museum for Architecture and Design, in cooperation with the Centre for Creativity under the European Distributed Design Market Platform, we are announcing an open call. The call is looking for up to 10 design teams to design a table setting, and offers both financial incentives and the opportunity to produce the setting in a limited series. The selected table setting will be presented at pop-up dinners and exhibitions at home and abroad.


The theme, which will connect the selected products with each other and with the menu created by the young award-winning chef Jakob Pintar, head chef at Ljubljana’s Tabar restaurant, is RITUAL. We are looking for different concepts and approaches that emphasize the ritualistic aspect of nourishment, that preserve and honour it, yet also serve as a challenge to it and are experimental in the way that they make room for the establishment of new rituals.


What are we offering to designers?


  • Collaboration with renowned Slovenian chef Jakob Pintar in creating a table setting for a new culinary experience.
  • Financial incentive: EUR 1,500 (including VAT) will be allocated to each designer for the design of a new product.
  • Individual counselling and educational workshops with gallerist Veerle Wenes (Valerie Traan Gallery, Belgium) and the General Manager of the Jezeršek Culinary House, Martin Jezeršek.
  • Wider recognition at home and abroad through pop-up dinners and exhibitions. We will connect with partners from the EU platform Distributed Design Market Platform and host events at Vienna Design Week, Zagreb Design Week, and BIO 27 in Ljubljana.
  • Experience working in a group process.


The deadline for submitting conceptual designs and prototypes is May 18, 2021. You can find more about the application process here.