Open call

Koridor: Art at the time of Corona

Deadline: 16 Feb 2022


In March 2020, the cultural scene was hit by not just one shock, but two. The reason for the first was the Covid-19 epidemic, while the second was due to domestic cultural policy in Slovenia, which did not come to the rescue of culture or help it but in many ways complicated its already difficult situation.


The crisis has brought about changed production conditions that have had a profound effect on artists, art and its creation.


At Koridor, they have decided to pay special attention to this crisis period of the last two years. They are preparing “discussion” workshops on the topic of art at the time of Corona, as well as a digital collection and zines, in which there will be critiques, reflections and essays on the already mentioned topic.


Critics are invited to participate with the Koridor’s editorial team in workshops on reflection on culture and art during the pandemic and to prepare critical texts after the workshops. Applications for the project are collected at the e-mail address: glavnourednistvo@koridor-ku.si.


The application should consist of a short CV and a motivational note of why you want to participate in this project. The application deadline is February 16, and only two days later a selection of registered critics will be known. The first workshop follows in the last week of February.

The project is part of the PartnerNnetwork of the Centre for Creativity Platform and is designed in co-production with the Centre for Creativity. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development and the Republic of Slovenia.

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