Sales exhibition

Made in Slovenia at the furniture salon “Rutar”

24 May 2021

Rutar, Ljubljana

At the Centre for Creativity, we are constantly looking for new opportunities for Slovenian creatives and creative companies, so in cooperation with various partners, we present a selection of products that we include in sales exhibitions. This time, in cooperation with the “Rutar” furniture salon, we prepared a sale of furniture and home accessories, which received the “Made in Slovenia” mark of excellence. Selected products for sale in the Rutar salon in Ljubljana are designed and made in Slovenia from locally sourced materials.


Products demonstrate functionality, a passion for life and nature, innovative use of materials, especially wood, and rely on local crafts and advanced techniques of sustainable production. Working with the company Rutar, we present good practices of Slovenian artists and companies. Recipients of the mark of excellence “Made in Slovenia” have been included in the collection, which will be recognised as good Slovenian design and promote ethical principles of design and production.


The “Made in Slovenia” mark of excellence confirms that the product is: made and designed in Slovenia, sustainable, innovative, thoughtful, clear and functional, socially engaged.


The products will be available only in the Rutar showroom in Ljubljana at Premrlova ulica 14. Opening hours are from Monday 24th to Saturday 29th of May, from 9.00 to 20.00.


Photos: Martin Košir, Kabinet01