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CzK Partner Network is presenting projects for year 2021

21 Jan 2021

For the fourth year in a row, the Canter for Creativity, together with the members of the CzK Partner Network, is co-creating programmes aimed at the development of various creative sectors. The CzK Partner Network consists of 26 organizations that are already successfully operating in the creative sector; with their vision and programmes we will co-create a national support environment in 2021 for the development and integration of this diverse sector.


Through various opportunities, education, networking, internationalization and other activities, you can participate in attractive projects, gain a broader perspective and knowledge of the creative or business sector and insight into the work of artists in design, music, architecture, cultural heritage, visual arts, theatre, dance, cultural tourism, etc. Associated programmes are publicly available and free of charge, and an exceptional opportunity to gain valuable information from domestic and foreign experts and as well as experience in international arenas.


Contributing to the co-creation of a national support environment for the development of the creative ecosystem in the Republic of Slovenia in the CzK Partner Network are EN-KNAP, Lokal Patriot, Divas, Radio Študent, ID20, Zavod Trajna, SIGIC, Pekinpah, Gledališče Glej, Galerija Ravnikar, Motovila, Prostorož, Hiša association, Film Factory, Association, Poligon, Beletrina, Maribor Art Gallery, Brumen Foundation, University of Nova Gorica, Photon Gallery, Institute of Transmedia Design, SOTO, Association and more.


The Centre for Creativity and the Partner Network support the operation of the creative ecosystem in Slovenia, connect organizations, development-oriented programs and projects, participate in the formulation of local and national policies, co-prepare programs in the creative sector, and mutually support and promote creative sector activities at home and abroad.


Detailed descriptions of the programmes of individual partners will be available at our website, and all events, news, and opportunities related to the program of the Partner Network will be published in our weekly newsletter.

Partner network Programme