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Launching a new development cycle of supported projects within the JR CzK 2020–2021

26 Jan 2021

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, the Ministry of Culture together with the Centre for Creativity held an online event to present some recipients of the public tender “Promotion of creative cultural industries – CzK 2019” and a meeting of recipients of the public tender “Promotion of creative cultural industries – CzK 2020-2021”.


Some of the recipients of funds from the 2019 tender presented their already completed and realized projects, work processes and goals achieved with the help of these financial incentives at the event. We looked at the projects: the online platform for artists Artopolis (set A1 ), LED modular lamp Stellar (set A1), the Mila.Vert brand of sustainable women’s clothing (set A2), the souvenir collection Breakfast with Plečnik (set A2), increasing differentiation in the company Gostol TST (set A3) and the innovative urban lighting system Bruma from Geoenergetika (lot A3). In particular, the companies from the A3 set highlighted the important role that cooperation with the creative sector plays, as it enables the company to open new opportunities and views on its operations. Video presentations of all projects of the tender from 2019 are available on our website, as well as all supported projects within the current public tender 2020–2021.


At the event, which attracted close to 100 participants, we presented work methods, managing and reporting on the projects of current recipients, and the role of the Centre for Creativity in monitoring the development of these projects. The networking part of the event was reserved for communicating with the administrator from the Ministry of Culture and our mentors, as well as for the exchange of experiences and sharing of advice from some recipients of the 2019 public tender funds.


The public tender “Promotion of creative cultural industries”, led by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, provides funds for the development of creative companies, projects, and ideas, as well as stronger cooperation between the economy and the creative sector. Creatives and businesspeople can receive between € 15,000 and € 40,000 in grants for various development phases and approved projects:


  • A1: The seed phase – “Concept verification” is intended for the testing and development of creative business ideas or prototypes before entering the market.
  • A2: The launching phase – “Creative start-up” provides support to companies in the creative sector in the growth phase, and encourages innovative development projects and expansion to international markets.
  • A3: Connecting creatives and the economy – “Creative Connector” encourages strategic cooperation between creatives and companies from other fields who want to restructure their processes, products, or services, or develop their own production with the help of creators, designers, design management, and other creative services and brands.



From 2019 to 2020, a total of 115 companies already received grants from the Ministry of Culture in this public tender. Funds approved for the development of their projects total almost 3 million euros, and 45 new jobs will be created during the course of the project. The figures show great success and a growing interest in the tender, and we hope that such financial incentives will continue in the future.