Urban academy: Škofja Loka and Kamnik

31 Jul 2020

KD ProstoRož with CzK are debuting the Urban academy programme as part of CzK partner network. Project is conceived as education and mentoring of municipal personnel and local creatives in themes of sustainable design, placemaking, temporary use and other practices of creative urban renewal. So far we have joined efforts with municipalities of Škofja Loka and Kamnik.

Urban academy – military barracks in Škofja Loka

Guiding the communication between Škofja Loka municipality and residents about organising exterior space around the military barracks. 


Urban academy is linking local governments and creatives to face urban challenges in local communities and in process strengthen their cooperation. Coronavirus pandemic meddled with our plans, but we adjusted the agenda and during the spring we helped them to draw out the plans of renewal of public space by establishing good correspondence with users of the barracks.


Last few years the site is becoming new centre of urban culture in Škofja Loka. former military objects are occupied by skaters, klub Rdeča ostriga, scouts, retirement club, community college and many other associations and groups. Barracks are in that way clustering very different social layers that are harmoniously occupying the site. Exterior offers a spectrum of different atmospheres. Outside spaces are also used by wider public, not only members of organisations inhabiting the structure. The number of visitors and activities is constantly rising and for that reason it is necessary to adapt it. 


Because of large number of different agents and users the space must be planned with participatory methods, reinforcing the communication between local government and users. Biggest challenge for Škofja Loka municipality was coordinating revitalisation plans with large community of tenants so it can continue functioning as eclectic and inclusive space. First phase was organising the workshop for local civil servants where they were put in role of users, that are mostly part of independent culture scene. In that way they were able to perceive their needs and were much better prepared for first meetings with the users of barracks.  Goal of the meeting was presenting existing plans and local government’s vision and also hear the suggestions on making changes. With little help from prostoRož they managed to create a joined vision for public pace and reached a consensus on temporary interventions supporting the vision. 


Military barracks is a great example of coexistence of large number of different groups on the same site, but it comes with its own obstacles. Municipality has an interest in good communication between the community of occupiers, and development of the site through participative practices that should fulfil everyone’s needs. Tuning the planning process is going to help Škofja Loka local government to reach better results with interventions that are going to be a part of collective vision of all users inhabiting the site. 

Urban Academy: Kamnik

Renewal of gunpowder factory industrial site 


Gunpowder factory site is a part of Kamnik, that was heavily industrialised even after the production of gunpowder was terminated. Kamnik local government is making efforts for its revitalisation to resuse existing structures and infrastructure for local community and organisations. We coordinated the municipalty and young architects (Jan Šimnovec, Mitja Kuret, Žan Lozar) during the planning and realisation of intervention. The structure is connecting cultural centre and old industrial site and during the Kamfest it is going to be used as bleachers during concerts, lectures and other events.


Intervention was finished on 15th of August during the Kamfest. The Gunpowder factory is going to host urban planning masterclass with professionals from all around the world. If the intervention becomes recognised as good solution from the community it will be a good starting point for all future designs creating creative hub in Kamnik.