Urban Academy, Zagorje ob Savi

31 Aug 2020

“This fall, Zagorje is looking forward to some change. We are looking for young and local creatives from Zagorje and the region that are going to develop public space around the Športni venter Proletarec sports complex with temporary interventions. We would like to adapt the space to the needs of athletes and youth, as well as the wider public, so we’re looking for creative ideas that will serve to revive the exterior of the site after energy measure renovations.

Proposed site: public space and sport fields surrounding Športni dom Proletares.

Assignment: Transformation of area around Proletarec with a budget of 1500€, making it more welcoming for socialising and leisure. Your work would include a site survey, design, and construction of the intervention.

Period: September & October 2020

Who are we looking for: young design creatives (architects, city planners (urbanists), landscape architects and designers interested in urban environments) from Zagorje and the Zasavska region. Those already familiar with the site will be given priority. You can apply as an individual or as a group.

Award: 500€ and the opportunity to collaborate with the Zagorje ob Savi Municipality in future projects.

The deadline for applications is September 7. You can apply with your CV and portfolio to: info@prostoroz.org
The final selection will be made after interviews with the applicants.

Urban Academy: Envisioned as a mentorship programme, the Urban Academy is connecting municipalities and local creatives that will be working on actual problems in their local communities. The project is conceived as a framework for the education and mentoring of municipal personnel and local creatives on themes related to sustainable design, placemaking, temporary use, and other practices of creative urban renewal.