Creative incubator #2

Creative incubator #2

Once again, we are inviting creative companies, organizations and individuals who have their own business idea for a product or service and want to develop or upgrade it with structured mentoring support!

Upgrading the entrepreneurial competencies of creators in the cultural and creative sector is crucial. In the Creative Incubator, a structured three-month program for a small group of creators, we want to monitor the progress of creative companies through additional entrepreneurship education, professional mentoring and networking, thus increasing their chances of success in the market.


The program will run from February to May 2022 and consists of weekly training workshops, individual tutoring hours, networking events and a closing presentation to investors.


For all those who are just entering the market with their idea for product development, as well as those who are already present on the market and would like to upgrade their product, inclusion in the Creative Incubator provides you:


  • upgrading entrepreneurial skills (completed program of weekly educational workshops, where we will discuss everything from customer segmentation, building a business model and running a company to digital marketing and development of sales competencies),
  • assigning a mentor to monitor and guide the growth and progress of your business idea over the life of the program,
  • the possibility of choosing a professional mentor with specialized knowledge that meets the specifics of your product,
  • connecting and networking with other incubated companies or individuals, lecturers, invited guests and mentors,
  • presentation of your product in front of domestic and foreign investors at the end of the program and the possibility of participating in some European start-up conferences.


The program is intended for creative companies, organizations or individuals who have a clear idea to develop or upgrade their product with business potential and a clearly defined vision and goals but also want to lay the foundations for their entrepreneurial path or rethink their existing business and they need specialized professional help.


The Creative Incubator will help participating creators and companies to develop their business ideas / products / services through a structured program consisting of:


  • weekly educational workshops aimed at upgrading knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, which the creative as an entrepreneur must understand and master,
  • presentation of sectoral success stories aimed at transferring experience and good practice,
  • online classrooms,
  • mentoring program, which will take the form of individual meetings with selected mentors,
  • professional advice from individual areas of business to solve challenges and dilemmas for more successful and faster growth (individual meetings),
  • networking events and
  • final “demo day” (presentations) to domestic and foreign investors.


Applications for the Creative Incubator are made via the online application form on our website (the button can be found in the upper right corner). To submit an application, you must be registered on our website.

Present your idea / product / service to us in the form of a pre-recorded 3-minute video presentation. You will send us a link to the video uploaded to any server in the online application form (along with the password if the video is locked).

In the video presentation, describe your idea and the stage of its development and present the team. We suggest that you answer the following questions in the video:


  • What problem are you solving?
  • Who has this problem?
  • What do you estimate is the size of the market for this solution?
  • What are the competitive solutions or how do users solve this problem now?
  • Why is your team the best to carry out this project?
  • What support do you need?


The video format can be arbitrary, but the information should be clear and the length should not exceed 3 minutes. Up to 20 participants will be selected for the program.

For any assistance in submitting applications, please contact the e-mail address urska.krivograd@mao.si.

We look forward to your applications!


Center za kreativnost


14 Jan 2022