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For this call, we are looking for creative innovations, products and services that foretell systemic changes, offer critiques of existing market and economic systems, break established ones and envision new uses.

The term “disruptive” is often overused and misinterpreted like other currently popular terms such as “sustainability” and “innovation”. In its basic definition, disruption is an activity that signifies a deviation from established practices, a rebellious activity that interrupts the “status quo”. In business theory, disruptive innovation is one that creates a new market and value network and in time destroys the existing one and displaces established companies, products and alliances. The term was defined around 1995 by American researcher Clayton M. Christensen and his colleagues, and soon disruptive innovation became the most influential business idea of ​​the early 21st century. The definition of the term was later extended to all innovative technologies that develop new uses, to the impact of new technologies and to the development of the digital economy.


You can apply with an idea for digital service or with products in the field of mobility and home accessories, furniture or other products or services for everyday use, with the exception of clothing and fashion accessories (they may be included if they also fall into one of the previous categories – mobility, furniture, home, services…). Products can be existing products or prototypes; it is important that they are designed with mass production in mind, so that they are not custom made. When it comes to services, it is important that they are working prototypes.


They may be merely in the conceptual phase or have already been shown elsewhere. They are not necessarily new, but they must be made or designed after 2016. It is important that the prototypes (1: 1 scale) will be available in such a form by the end of January 2022 that they can be exhibited.


You should submit your proposals by 1 October 2021. An individual applicant can participate with a maximum of three projects. Apply using a form with a short description and features of the product and three photos.



The selection criteria will be:


  • that the product is made in (small) series and more than 50% made in Slovenia,
  • that the product is designed in Slovenia,
  • that the product is sustainable (according to the principles of the circular economy),
  • that the product is innovative (technological, design…),
  • that the product is thoughtful, clear and functional,
  • that the product is socially engaged and has the potential to become a disruptive innovation.


The selected products will also receive the “Made in Slovenia” label of excellence and will be included in the collection of the Centre for Creativity, which is becoming recognised around the world as a collection of good Slovenian design that promotes sustainable principles and contributes to cooperation between the creative and economic sectors.


The members of the jury can also supplement the selection with products that they propose themselves.


  • Luka Stepan, designer;
  • Ana Kyra Bekš, designer;
  • Mika Cimolini, architect, program leader of the Centre for Creativity;
  • Maja Vardjan, architect, kurator MAO;
  • Primož Jeza, architect and designer.




2000 EUR


1 Oct 2021