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Open call: stage360

Open call: stage360

EN-KNAP Productions publishes an open call for production, post-production and distribution cooperation as part of the stage360 project.

The stage360 project invites interested artists or producers operating in Slovenia to apply for a tender for the virtualization of their already produced performances.


Selected performances will be adapted and recorded in collaboration with individual authors and creators with 360-degree cameras, ambisonic sound and appropriate lighting support. We will process the recordings with the most prominent Slovenian VR technology experts,  for the purposes of distributing works in the new format (with VR glasses, headphones and swivel seats).


Project stage360 establishes a new type of production in the form of virtualization of performances (recorded with a 360° camera from the center of the stage) and guided viewing of these performances with VR glasses in various spaces (theaters, schools, social and health institutions, companies, etc.).


The project does not wish to replace the classic viewing of performances in theaters, but is instead striving to establish a new view, a simulator of theater in new environments and circumstances. In addition to adapting to the current situation and enabling activeness in an epidemic, the project is primarily a new type of promotion of contemporary staging practices to potential new audiences.


There will be a series of online lectures organized by EN-KNAP Production with the intent to present to the interested public the project and its potential, its basis, the technology used and our approach to the virtualization of modern performance practices. Online lectures will be held from 16.2. to 18.2. 2021 from 10:00 to 12:00.


Lecture attendance is free. The lectures will be in slovene. Lecture attendance does not manda.te an application to the call as well. Lecture applications should be sent to the email address zala.cesnik@en-knap.com until 10. 2. 2021.



This project is a part of a partnership network Platform Center for Creativity co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund and by Republic of Slovenia.


We accept applications of a finished full-length performance by the Artists or Producers from the field of contemporary staging practices with a registered business in Slovenia. We will give priority to performances of contemporary performance practices made in the last two years.


The application should include the description of the performance, video recording of the whole performance and the technical rider. Send the applications to zala.cesnik@en-knap.com until 26. 2. 2021.


Candidates will be informed of the results of the call until 2. 3. 2021

Additional information

Zala Česnik, zala.cesnik@en-knap.com




EN-KNAP Production


26 FEB 2021