Janez Mesarič


Janez Mesarič lives and works in Ljubljana. He graduated in 2002 in industrial design from the University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design. In 2003, he joined the studio of industrial design Asobi, where he worked for clients in Slovenia, Italy, Germany and the USA. To pursue his own ideas, he started practicing as an independent designer and has expanded his activities with commissions for design, brand and strategy development and artistic direction. He developed a strong interest in lighting design. He is a founding member of the Mashoni design studio. The studio focuses mainly on brand development, where Mesarič works not only as a leading product designer but also as a chief brand consultant and as a creative director. His work has been exhibited in numerous international exhibitions and presented in many major design publications. It is internationally recognised and was awarded at the Good Design Awards, BIO19, I.D. and Red Dot.