Andraž Tori



Already as a high school student, Andraž was successful at the international computer Olympics and won the opportunity to gain experience in Silicon Valley. He was one of the co-founders of the Ljubljana multimedia centre Kiberpipa, an important player in the shaping of an open information society in Slovenia. For five years he was a presenter and producer of Resnična resničnost, a TV show on IT and consumer electronics at TV Slovenia, and also developed a captioning tool for RTV Slovenia programmes, which enables people interested in a specific content or quote to find what they are looking for. The next step was Zemanta, a company that he and Boštjan Špetič founded in 2007. Zemanta was one of the first Slovenian technological startups that won the Seedcamp startup competition in London. This was the company’s first opportunity to win investors and it helped make Zemanta the leading platform that provides agencies with the technology to scale, automate and optimize content promotion through native advertising. Andraž now himself facilitates startup development, having co-founded the Silicon Gardens Fund, which helps early stage startup teams explore international markets.