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Robi Rodman

Zavod CEED


Robi Rodman specialises in sales process efficiency and customer dialogue management focused on winning new projects or contracts. Having graduated from the School of Economics and Business in 1996 he completed the regular MscBA at the same faculty. After different jobs for different companies and involvement in sales challenges in Slovenia and the wider region, he co-founded a sustainable energy startup and took part in the entrepreneurial training programme Grow organised by the CEED institute. Robi also took part in setting up and running the Entrepreneurship course at People’s University Ajdovščina. Since 2013 he has been providing different services for companies in Slovenia and abroad, from sales development, sales channels and market positioning, to the identification of potential clients or partners, and organises workshops on the effective sales dialogue with customers – teaching how to compel prospects to say “yes” to the offer. Robi is also a certified Mastermind Academy trainer (since 2017).