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Architects under 40: New practices, new tools #2

24 Mar 2021

| 19:00


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The architects of the younger generation will discuss current developments in the field of architecture in the form of three debates in coming weeks. Through discussions, we will shed light on the way new architectural practices work (in Slovenia) and find out what organisational, design and other professional innovations they are introducing into their work.


At the second event, on 24 March, the following will be presented:

PRAKSA.HR/Emil Jurcan, Bika Rebek and A202, who have a common diffuse form and research as well as a “cooperative” and more loose way of working. Emil Jurcan works in Croatia within the engineering cooperative for architecture, urbanism and design Praksa. Bika Rebek is part of the duo SomePlace studio, operating in the USA and globally. The practice is defined by the search for cooperation, flexibility and diversity. A2O2 is a newly formed young collective that is understood as a flexible, living organism. They are interested in “stories of spaces and people, simple, thoughtful and responsible solutions.”

We will address the practices and individuals who began their independent professional work ten or fifteen years ago, at a time when the global financial crisis was starting to unfold and when we became increasingly affected by the climate crisis, which opened opportunities for global integration and raised awareness of shared responsibility for the existence of the planet.


We found that during that time, the establishment of independent architectural practices happened differently than before, as all these crises have caused shifts in the way of thinking about the tasks of architecture and raised new awareness on the relation between architecture and society, ecology and the way of organising (architectural) practice. All of these are the points that we would like to highlight.


Co-curators of the project Matevž Čelik and Mika Cimolini invite you to join the young architects on 17, 24 and 31 March and on 30 September – for the closing event. For three Wednesdays in March, we will listen to presentations of architectural practices that are interesting precisely because of the way they tackle architectural topics and tasks. It is not a national or representative selection, but a purely subjective one, and the realisations of selected architectural practices are not that important, but rather the way they deal with given topics.


Architects will each have 9 minutes to answer three key questions:


  • Contemporary Challenges of Humanity: What is the Task of Architecture Today?
  • New practices, new tools: what is the organisational model of your practice?
  • Raising awareness: how do you present your projects to the public?