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Kickstarter is calling out for creative Slovenian projects

17 Jul 2020

Most people are already familiar with Kickstarter as a crowdfunding platform that enables young artists, architects, painters, photographers and entrepreneurs to raise funds in order to help launch their ideas, products and companies.


Opportunity for creative Slovenian projects

In September of 2020, Kickstarter will officially open the platform to Slovenian projects – to all local artists, sculptors, photographers, architects, painters and more; to all those have shown to be the most successful creative branches on the Kickstarter platform.


What that means in practice

From now on, it won’t be necessary to register a company abroad, with all the expenditures and obstacles that come with it, simply in order to become part of the platform. This also means that our local partners, who are already collaborating with Kickstarter, will help you with your launch and help make your campaign more successful.


Some successful Slovenian creative projects include:



For more information, contact us by e-mail, at: slovenia@kickstarter.com