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Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering

The Chair of Textile and Fashion Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering is the leading higher-education institution in fashion and textile design, and plays a vital role in shaping contemporary fashion in Slovenia. In the future we want to develop our study programme towards increased integration of contemporary practises and sustainability, keeping our students up to date with the latest social trends and fostering critical thought.
We cooperate with many foreign higher-education institutions, especially CUMULUS network partners. Our ambition is to build on these activities to increase our visibility in the wider European arena.

Within the CCS we want to tap into the collaborative potential within the sector to develop projects through which textile and fashion design can improve life in different areas (at home, at work, in the social and urban environment). Employing the possibilities offered by contemporary textile and clothing production we want to harness sustainable practices and innovative technologies to develop products that can be utilised in interdisciplinary research for the common good.