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1 : 1 – free of charge and without beating about the bush; Part 2

1 Apr–27 May 2019


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In cooperation with Poligon, Centre for Creativity is carrying out the mentorship project 1 on 1. It is dedicated to independent creators and micro/startup companies that would like to reduce the risk of unsuccessful development of their projects. Experts from the fields of marketing, prototyping, production, finance, business and copyright will help you with questions on how to plan better and how to execute a particular phase of your project, providing free advice and without beating about the bush.

Mentors: Miro Kline, Maja Bogataj Jančič, Gašper Koren and Nejc Matjaž


Miro Kline

Maja Bogataj Jančič

Nejc Matjaž

Nejc Matjaž is a mechanical engineer working at the intersection of the academic and entrepreneurial spheres. As a researcher at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (2010 - 2014) he developed numerous projects and co-authored four patents. During this time he founded ONDU d.o.o. (2014) with his partner and successfully launched wooden pinhole cameras on the global market. In 2015 he took the reins of Poligon Maker Lab and founded FABRIKAID d.o.o. Since then, he has been helping numerous makers, small companies and global corporations to transition from prototype development to setting up production lines. In the 1:1 mentoring season 2018/19 coproduced by Poligon and CzK he mentored 25 creators on product development and won the highest satisfaction score of all the mentors. As a mentor he can help solve the following problems: 1. How to make a prototype and the minimum viable product (MVP)? 2. Which materials and technologies to use for quality products at acceptable costs? 3. How to prepare products for serial production and how to set it up? 4. How to find reliable production partners? 5. How to design packaging? 6. How to obtain the relevant standards and certifications – CE? Nejc’s key prerogative is to find innovative solutions that simplify and reduce the costs of production processes irrespective of the size of the series.

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