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Big stories on small screens

19 Jun 2020

| 16:00

Vetrinjski dvor

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PROJECTOR #1 – Big stories on small screens


(TV) series are becoming more and more popular. Stories, that evolve over many episodes and seasons, engage audiences, whoand are bonding with them in a unique way. We all love some amusing drama, but we often don’t know what goes on in the backstage., so onAt this event, we will present some Slovenian examples of series.





Moderator: Urša Menart

4pm: Work process in V dvoje // Luka Marčetič

Lecture // 60 min


5.15 pm: LP, Lena // Lena Tomazin

Example of good practice // 45 min


6 pm: Pause


6.30 pm: TV series production in Slovenia: Jezero // Janez Pirc

Example of good practice // 90 min 


8 pm: Happy Hour and Networking


More on: http://av-projektor.si/.

This project is a part of the partnership network Platform Center for Creativity co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund and by Republic of Slovenia.

Luka Marčetič

Eva Tomazin

Janez Pirc

Partner network