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Open call: Creative Enterprise

Open call: Creative Enterprise

Public invitation for cooperation between companies and creatives.

We invite companies that want to innovate and collaborate with creatives to find opportunities for innovative sustainable solutions, products or services. These can have a significant impact on higher sales, a better market position of the company, greater customer loyalty, a more recognisable company identity, brand development, the introduction of new products or services into production or sales, reaching new markets, shorter innovation processes or time for market entry of new products and services.


We will suggest a form of cooperation tailored to your issues. We will help you define the challenge and suggest concrete ways to work with creatives. You will have at your disposal the largest community of creatives in Slovenia: designers, architects, creative writers, creators in the field of video and film and other fields of the cultural and creative sector.


Upon joining our program, we will help registered companies to manage cooperation, organise their meetings with selected creatives, find appropriate experts and help regulate the relationship and establish cooperation between creatives and registered companies.


Our goal is for companies to work with creatives to develop innovations for more sustainable communities and a better way of life and create solutions that reduce the use of raw materials and primary energy sources, utilise materials within closed loops, extend product life and create efficient processes that protect the environment and deliver competitive advantages. Collaborating with companies in the creative sector can be the key to these solutions!

What do we offer?

  • Assistance in creating a project task
  • Moderate collaboration between your company and creatives.
  • Finding the right creatives to address your challenge.
  • Coordinating cooperation between the creative and the company, organising meetings, workshops.
  • Assistance in regulating mutual relations (copyright).
  • Up to 10 hours of collaboration with an experienced mentor in the development of a product or service in the initial phase.
  • Consulting on the introduction of creative processes in the company.

Subject of the invitation

We are looking for openings and development opportunities for creative people to work with companies to form innovations in products, services, spaces, communication or processes. The challenge is to consider innovative opportunities, a better position of the company in the market, reaching target users and potential expansion of the company’s market. The challenges should be as concrete as possible and with clearly set goals that the company wants to achieve.


Participation availability

The invitation is intended for companies that do not primarily operate in the cultural and creative sector and want to include creatives who are looking for new business opportunities, want to achieve changes in their range of products or services, build value of their own brand and in some cases introduce innovative business models.

Decision about selection and communications

Please complete the application form and briefly describe your challenges.


We will arrange a personal meeting as soon as possible.


We will review your proposal and work with you to adjust the contents of the challenge. Following that, we will present it to our creative community and determine together the exact course of implementation according to your starting points. The implementation of the challenge will be defined in the agreement. We will provide you with assistance in concluding a cooperation agreement between the creatives and your company.


As part of the challenge, we will organise a visit to the company, creatives will be able to get acquainted with your activity and work closely with the team of your company to solve the challenge. In doing so, they will need to consider the technological or other constraints you will place.



Applications will be considered in the order of arrival. All implementations of the Creative Enterprise 2021 challenges must be completed by the end of July 2022 at the latest.

Stages of cooperation

First phase: Design of the project task


1.1 Meeting with the company

1.2 Defining the challenge by the expert team

1.3 Determining the way the creative works with the company

1.4 Assembling the project team for an individual entrepreneurial challenge

1.5 Cooperation agreement with the company (agreement)

1.6 Confidentiality Agreement

1.7 Timeline for carrying out activities


Second phase: Implementation of the agreed package (A, B or C)


  1. A) Meeting creatives

Suitable for companies that have not yet identified a concrete challenge and would need professional support to identify it:

  • public call for creatives,
  • selection of creatives with the team of experts,
  • organising a meeting, which includes a presentation of the company’s challenge and an information meeting where creatives and the company get to know each other,
  • determining the possibilities of cooperation between the company and creatives,
  • support of the professional team. In the following, the company can conclude a cooperation agreement with a creative team and a professional team that conducts workshops and recommends appropriate mentoring (10 hours) to solve the challenge according to model B or C.


  1. B) Public call for creatives to participate (based on references)


Suitable for companies that have already defined a specific problem and want to solve it with a creative or already have a product or service they want to improve:


  • defining entrepreneurial challenge and the method of implementation for the submitted project,
  • public call for creatives (they register for the meeting with the company on the basis of references),


The purpose of inviting creatives to participate in the development of a product or service may be:

  • joint market presence,
  • applying for joint tenders,
  • improving the company’s position in the market, etc.,
  • assisting the company in selecting creatives and concluding cooperation,
  • 10 hours of participation of an experienced mentor who helps in the development of a product or service,
  • organisation of two workshops related to the challenge.
  1. C) Competition for a new product or service (application with draft or prototype)


Suitable for companies that have a defined specific challenge and want to attract a wide range of creatives to provide solutions:


  • preparation of a competition for creatives (they apply based on a draft and a proposed solution),
  • assisting the company in choosing solutions,
  • an invitation for creatives to participate in the development of a product or service for:
  • joint market presence,
  • applying for joint tenders,
  • improving the company’s position in the market, etc.
  • 10 hours of participation of an experienced mentor who helps in the further development of the product or service,
  • organisation of two workshops related to the issue of business challenge.


Phase Three: Results and Evaluation of the Challenge


  • presentation of the results of cooperation between the company and the creative,
  • analysis of the reasons for successful (or unsuccessful) cooperation of the business challenge, why the introduction of new solutions in the company was (or wasn’t) successful
  • survey among participants in the business challenge on satisfaction with cooperation,
  • creating publicly available examples of good practices

Invitation information

The public invitation is available from the day of publication until the expiry of the application deadline on the websites www.czk.si and www.cki.si.


For all information, we are available at info@czk.si


and at tel. no. 041 789 293 – Maja Rečnik (maja.recnik@cki.si) and 031 605 593 – Nina Kirbiš (nina.kirbis@cki.si).


The project is part of the platform Partner Network of the Centre for Creativity.


CzK and CKI