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Competition: Urban sculpture

Competition: Urban sculpture

The theme of the competition is a minimal temporary urban sculpture made of rammed earth, the purpose of which is to promote the earth as a building material.

The Urban Sculpture competition is a continuation of Outsider magazine’s activities in exploring the possibilities of building with earth. The subject of the competition is a minimal temporary urban sculpture made of compacted earth, the purpose of which is to promote the earth as a building material. It will be placed in a condensed urban environment, addressing the wider public about use opportunities of rammed earth. The intervention will draw attention to the fact that architecture has faced the greatest challenge in its history, being responsible for almost 40% of waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and that earth construction can become part of the solution for more sustainable construction in the future.


The competition is open to architects, urban planners, designers, landscape architects, sculptors and civil engineers and students of the listed fields.


The location of the competition is in the Ljubljana city centre near Plečnik’s kiosk on Vegova street. It is positioned on a slightly elevated plateau above the stone wall, between the sidewalk and the building at 12 Vegova Street.


It is a sensuous space, defined by its density of cultural heritage, Plečnik’s interventions and the hustle and bustle of the city. In April 2021, the creators of the Outsider magazine opened Plečnik’s kiosk for the sale of magazines and other publications. In the summer, we organised the Trafika festival at sunset in front of the kiosk.

Competition assignment and programme

The task of the competition is to design a temporary urban sculpture from compacted earth that would function as urban equipment: a space for sitting, socialising, discussing or a venue for events…


The planned arrangement would have several possibilities of use: a space for reading the magazine at the kiosk (about 5 people at a time), to provide space for festival visitors (about 20 people at a time) and the possibility of setting up a temporary street exhibition.


Materials and building style

Candidates must use rammed earth as construction material, possibly supplemented with wood and metal elements in smaller scale.

Timeline of the competition

15 Oct 2021: Beginning

30 Oct 2021: Last day for sending in questions

15 Nov 2021: Competition answers published online.

Candidates will be notified by e-mail

30 Nov, 23:59 :Deadline for applications (CET +1)

December 2021: Announcing results.


Janez Koželj, MOL

Darja Pergovnik, ZVKDS

Bogo Zupančič, CZK/MAO

Anja Radović, BIO

Matevž Granda, Outsider


There will be 3 winning projects awarded with three grants.


First prize: 1,500€ gross

Second prize 1,000€ gross

Third prize 500€ goss


3 special mentions


The jury has the possibility of rearranging the award fund.


Winners will be featured in the online and print edition of Outsider magazine.


Login required; the link is on the contest website. There are no registration fees. Candidates will receive a six-digit PIN code when applying (for example: A15GH3).


The assigned PIN code should be used in accordance with the competition rules. Upon application, the candidates receive a link to download the competition materials.


Outsider, Zavod za oblikovanje prostora


3000 EUR


30 Nov 2021