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NORA NORMALNOST, or how to survive Corona?

17 and 24 Sep 2020

| 09:00

CzK Maribor and MAO


24. SEP 2020, MAO, RUSJANOV TRG 7, LJ, 9:00 - 15:00

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The Poligon Creative Centre and the Centre for Creativity are invite you to a workshop on tips and tricks for self-employed during pandemic of COVID-19.


There are many services in Slovenia that offer quality support to the self-employed in overcoming administrative and bureaucratic obstacles. Also, the self-employed often get involved in various incubator programs designed to upgrade business concepts. The workshops that Poligonovci have been designing and conducting since 2016 under the common title “Self-employed, but not alone” are slightly different.


Our workshops include exercises and strategies to strengthen soft work skills, which we have been developing at the Poligon for several years with the involvement of over 3,000 self-employed people. Workshops put you – the worker – at the centre instead of your project. We believe that by focusing on sharpening your work skills, we can help you work more successfully, not only on the next project, but in the long run:


→ to organize your work in a more sensible way,

→ to navigate between all the different tasks with less effort,

→ so you don’t sell your services below cost,

→ and not just to live for work, but to work to live better.


The workshop topics vary: from reflecting on your professional path, setting the value of your work and the organization of work practice, to working with colleagues and clients, and navigating between a variety of work roles and tasks. This time, for the first time, we will also conduct a workshop focused on dealing with the new working reality during COVID-19.



Purpose of the workshop Nora Normalnost (CRAZY NORMALITY)


For many, the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming the most stressful period in their entire career. Walking around with masks and measuring our temperature, while the media constantly report on the daily number of infected and dead and present the blackest economic forecasts of the expected crisis, it is no wonder that we feel stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, restlessness, helplessness, irritability, difficulties sleeping and concentrating, and experiencing various physical symptoms and other unpleasant sensations. At the same time, we still need to keep a sober head, pay the bills and acquire, and carry out various projects in much more uncertain conditions than before.




Above all, workshop wants to open a space for safe discussion and finding solutions on how to survive the Corona as a worker in the cultural and creative sector. In the workshop, we will try to:


  1. Make an analysis and reflection of the situation: the challenges of the work and life of creators in the uncertain year 2020.
  2. Design and share different solid approaches and strategies to deal with this “crazy” work normality.
  3. Explore opportunities for mutual support and assistance.

The workshop will be led by Mag. Eva Matjaž, psychologist and program manager of Poligon and Luka Piškorič, economist and director of the Poligon.





Koproducenta dogodka sta Poligon kreativni center in Center za kreativnost pri MAO Slovenia. Projekt Czk sofinancirata EU iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj in Republika Slovenija.

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