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New Praxis, New Tools

24 Feb - 31 Mar 2022

Gallery Škuc

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After last year’s talks with architectural practices, the New Praxis, New Tools project continues with an exhibition that will be on display at the Škuc Gallery in Ljubljana from 24 February to 31 March. We present the architectural practices of a2o2 architects, Architects Počivašek Petranovič, Elementarna, Emil Jurcan, Mertelj Vrabič Architects, Pazi! Park, Prostorož, svet vmes, Some Place Studio and Vidic Grohar architects chosen by curators Mika Cimolini and Matevž Čelik.


The project sheds light on the work of selected contemporary “Slovenian” architectural practices, interesting precisely because of the way they tackle architectural subjects and tasks. Today, architects are no longer only concerned with designing beautiful houses and interiors, but our range of tasks has outgrown that. Today, we are mediators between users and space, heritage custodians and spatial activists who solve complex organizational and spatial problems.


The project answers three key questions: what is the task of architecture today, what is the organizational model of modern architectural practice and how to present architecture to the public.


A catalogue will be published for the exhibition; texts by French architect and professor at the Versailles School of Architecture Radim Louda, architectural historian and professor at the Politecnico di Milano Luka Skansi, art historian and curator of the Škuc Gallery Tia Čiček, architect and curator of architecture at MAO Maja Vardjan, architectural publicist and critic Matevž Čelik, director of MAO Bogo Zupančič and architect and program manager of CzK Mika Cimolini, who also edited the catalogue.


Guided tours:


  • 24 Feb at 17:00: Guided tour by the curator Mika Cimolini
  • 10 Mar at 18:00: Guided tour by the exhibited architecture practices
  • 24 Mar at 18:00: Guided tour by the curator Mika Cimolini